Talented Teen Teaching Us All
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Talented Teen Teaching Us All

Talented Teen Teaching Us All

While in high school in Louisville and serving as president of the Kentucky Society Children of the American Revolution, Ella Hall spent a year raising money to help build a Fisher House in Lexington.  

She gave numerous presentations and served as a great ambassador promoting the Friends of Lexington Fisher House mission. 

Through great effort and dedication, Ella raised nearly $6,000.  Much of her fundraising came at Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) events. 

Ella has a servant’s heart and comes from a proud family with a great history and tradition of military service.   

She is part of our history and legacy that will serve veterans’ families for generations to come.  She is a testament to what hard work, determination and heart can do, regardless of age.  

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